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Elsa had a Great Day!

John Campbell

Site Supporter
Staff member
Today was a good day... A lot of recovery was evident... This morning, she still have some jumping and stability issues, but by the afternoon and playing/exercising hard all day long she is now back to or near full strength in her back legs.
She started out the day by watching me on the computer. (which is a big step to getting back to normal.

Elsa-2.JPG Elsa-3.JPG
Even though she did not use the computer today to do any browsing, she did take a break from it all while I did... She always has her eye on me.. She also spent some time trying to steal a sip of Hot Tea from me... Didn't work today.

Trying to get her to relax and rest a few minutes would not work....

Elsa-5.JPG Elsa-6.JPG
... She decided she could not hold it out any longer...

On my computer chair, she was supposed to be watching TV, but something else in Z land got her attention.​

Today she continued her improvement, and is about as close to 100% as she can get... I have found out that the easiest way to get her to run around, is to hold her down... So if I make her play... Maybe that will make her rest...