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Elsa Had a Lot of Firsts Today

John Campbell

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Staff member
Elsa had a busy day with alot of firsts. Elsa while I was working on the computer today watched TV, and then when I went to take some pictures (of course) she decided to get upclose and personal. She took sometime out for rest as usual. In her Toilet training she went to Phase 2 which moves the training kit to the top of the toilet to get her used to that part of it. She is doing very well with her training. Later in the day she met water and did some investigation to find out what it is all about... Her walking jacket came in today and we gave her a quick run with it. It was not love at first site. Having a little fun she got to play with a piece of paper, and played with it for a very long time today. She had quite a time with it. I have been hearing that Savannah's in general like paper bags... Well, I got her one this evening. Initially she was a little weary of it and approached with caution, but soon over came any real concerns and of course went into the bag for play time.

elsa-022114-01_std.jpg elsa-022114-05_std.jpg elsa-022114-11_std.jpg elsa-022114-15_std.jpg elsa-022114-20_std.jpg elsa-022114-21_std.jpg elsa-022114-26_std.jpg elsa-022114-27_std.jpg elsa-022114-33_std.jpg elsa-022114-37_std.jpg elsa-022114-39_std.jpg elsa-022114-41_std.jpg elsa-022114-43_std.jpg

You can see a lot more images on her website at


Staff member
Yup, paper is always a favorite of Savannahs! She doesn't look like she did too badly with the jacket, each time will be a little easier, you just need to stick with it.