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Elsa Had A Mostly Restful Day

John Campbell

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Not a big day today... Mostly relaxed... We all (Myself, Jake, & Elsa took a good afternoon nap) and then watched a little TV... Elsa Enjoys watching TV.
Elsa-01.JPG Elsa-04.JPG

Todays even with the Walking Jacked was not much different than yesterday. I got it on alot quicker, but she still does not like it... Playing with the teaser toy she works with the jacket ok... I put the leash on her for a couple minutes and then let her chase her toy and she did well... Just have to get her used to it all.
Elsa-03.JPG Elsa-03.JPG
After taking the Jacket off, she decided on some fun play.... She can certainly make some unique faces...
Elsa-07.JPG Elsa-08.JPG
It is always interesting to watch her play on her cat tree... You never know what she is going to do next.
Elsa-05.JPG Elsa-05.JPG Elsa-09.JPG Elsa-10.JPG
Elsa cleaning Jakes Paws... Jake not sure what to think about this... They get along great.


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Savannah Super Cat
Her expressions are priceless and I love her cat tree which looks more like Her Royal Highness' throne.