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Elsa Had Fun Today

John Campbell

Site Supporter
Staff member
Elsa started out her day being her self with her normal antics... She is really starting to show that she feels much better.
Elsa-01.JPG Elsa-02.JPG
Starting out first on the computer... Some of the time was watching YouTube other parts helping me type on the keyboard...
Time watching TV...
Elsa-04.JPG Elsa-05.JPG
Her and Jake had a good day together and she even helping him out with a little grooming.
Elsa-06.JPG Elsa-07.JPG
While watching TV tonight (Air Crash Investigation) she was fighting sleep...
The Score: Sleep 1 - TV 0​


Site Supporter
Missing my Rafiki tonight (away on business :() and seeing little Elsa made me smile. Thank you.

Pam and Will

Savannah Super Cat
So cute, glad to see her doing so well! The one with her upside down by the keyboard is CUTE OVERLOAD!! :)


Staff member
I love her. I love Jake. I love her and Jake. This was the first thing I saw this morning and it felt so good to start the day off with a smile.