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Elsa in Her Forever Home for 5 Weeks

John Campbell

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Elsa has been in her "Forever Home" now for 5 weeks now and is doing great. She not only feels it is her home now, She knows it. There have been some up hill heart wrenching moments, but thanks to everyone on the Savannah Chat helped us make it through it all.
Sometimes I look at Elsa and have to ask.. "What is she thinking about?" She has the act of so many facial expressions, and is always happy.
And never misses a chance for a good nap... She has not learned yet that when me and Jake takes a nap, she should as well, but she chooses her own times. Here she is in another one of her Animated Dreams...
Elsa and Jake really getting along great.
Elsa-06.JPG Elsa-07.JPG
Sometimes she can sleep in the most unusal angles, and always with a smile.
When hiding in one of her bags, her favorite thing to do is to run out unexpected for an unscheduled foot attack.
Elsa-11.JPG Elsa-12.JPG Elsa-13.JPG
Playing Fetch has really become one of her favorite past times... Sometimes I am not sure how she sees around the paper she is carrying.
She has no problem stretching out in my chair.​
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Wow, I can't believe it's been five weeks since you brought her home - how time flies!


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She is so precious. It's funny how they all have their preferences. Kitty won't touch a paper ball if I make it bigger than a boulder marble. Try making her a ball out of parchment paper, it's a real treat for them! Glad to see all is well in your happy home!