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Elsa Steals Ham and Gets A Mouse At Grandma's

John Campbell

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Elsa-01.JPG Elsa-02.JPG
Elsa Starting off as a Relaxing Day this morning.

At Grandmas, she loves watching out side of the window to see any wild life wander by... She has seen lots of Birds and Squirrels.

At Breakfast, she was told not to bother Grandmas Bread... She promptly obeyed.. Instead she took the Ham Off of her plate.

Elsa-05.JPG Elsa-06.JPG Elsa-07.JPG Elsa-08.JPG
Elsa got a New Toy Mouse that Squeeks and Lights up, and she really loves it.. There will be more on this mouse later. (She also has a new toy that will be shown here soon, but it has not yet been opened.)

Elsa-09.JPG Elsa-10.JPG
At bed time, she promptly stored the mouse for Safe Keeping... Where Else other than in one of my shoes.. She put it in one, and then changed her mind and put it in another shoe... Not sure what the difference was...​