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Elsas Cat Tree Arrived Today!

John Campbell

Site Supporter
Staff member
Got home mid afternoon. Elsa and Jake did well being alone. Elsa and Jake both met me with open arms at the door.
Elsa's Cat tree arrived today.. First thing Elsa did was to start opening the package..
Elsa-2.JPG Elsa-3.JPG Elsa-4.JPG

We decided to check for internal damage as the box was damaged in shipping... Myself or Elsa could not find any, and she was pretty through... We plan to assemble it tomorrow, and I have high confidence that she will try to help.
Elsa-5.JPG Elsa-6.JPG
This evening, Jake enjoyed and old bone, and Elsa was climbing under Jake's Bed.​

John Campbell

Site Supporter
Staff member
LOL-- you could have assembled it and posted pics! :)

LOL, I was too tired.. A 1 day trip turned into 2, Spent a total of over 15 hours in airports. To basically recap my Friday.

Up at 4AM
At Airport at 5 AM
In Chicago by 7AM

Scheduled to leave Chicago at 10:22, Delayed to 11:30
Interview was supposed to be 2 hours, compressed to less than 1 hour due to arrival at almost 1PM

Back to airport for 3PM flight (this is where it gets fun).
Board first plane, Broke (doesn't even make it off the gate)
2nd Plane (an hour later after 3 gate swaps) Plane broke
3rd Plane (after another gate swap) Plane broke.
4th Plane, all is looking good, we board, taxi to the runway, going for take off and then Aborted due to wing anti-ice problems.
Returned to gate after setting on the taxi way (guess they were working with Maintenance control, someone doing the job I was applying for with a different airline)
Upon return to the gate the gate agent came on board and said: "ladies and gentle, we have a little problem, the gate we brought you back too is broken and we will have to tow you to another gate"... At that point everyone on the airplane just broke up in laugher.. (it was quite funny at the time, like what next)
5th plane, looking good this time... :rolleyes::rolleyes: ... They held our boarding for 10 minutes, that turned into 30 due to serving the LAV... We were 1/2 boarded on the plane when the cancelled the flight due to the crew timing out....

At that time, I had to call back to the guys at the new company, told them what happened and they got me a hotel room and rebooked my flight for Saturday... Saturday flights went as scheduled, but they took me through Denver and not Chicago, so the flight times were a lot longer, but at least I made it back home.

On a positive note, The interview went great.. When I showed the hiring manager my book, he did not know what to think with all my training certificates and documents (over 60). He asked me 2 questions, turned to the HR representative and said: "I'm finished, I want to make him an offer, but first I want to try to get him more money"

As far as Elsa goes, she has been back on the box, wanting to start the assembly..


John Campbell

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Staff member
Good deal John. Ready for St Louis????

Getting close... I have to go back up there for Finger Printing and Drug Testing prior to starting.... Going to drive next time (see above)... LOL...

I am fairly confident that that alcoholic drink that had back on May 7th, 1989 at 5:30PM should be out of my system by now... :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:.


Reincarnated cat Moderator
I dunno. Maybe you should not mention it if they ask.
Finger prints??? Oh oh. Will they find out who you REALLY are?

John Campbell

Site Supporter
Staff member
After all that I'd be very hesitant to fly

Working in the industry, Things happen... Being a professional in the industry and looking back at it the Gate and Ramp agents did not handle things correctly... But that is the way it goes sometimes.. There were some really PO'd people... What amazed me is that they had 5 planes that they could get to the gate... I would have hated to have worked in that hangar Friday Night... Some very busy mechanics with their scheduled workload, not to mention the 4 broke planes.