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Elsa's Trip to Grandma's House

John Campbell

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Elsas trip to Roanoke, VA to visit Grandma... First hour and 1/2 was uneventful, but then she got to where she did not want to be in the carrier and got to the point I thought she was going to hurt herself.... I let her out and she did great and traveled well..
She enjoyed watching where we were going.
She did a lot of investigation while riding

Jake and Elsa watchig outside together.
Elsa-04.JPG Elsa-05.JPG Elsa-06.JPG
At the first rest stop she started off a little stiff, but did not take her long to start checking things out.
Elsa-07.JPG Elsa-08.JPG
She even took time out for R&R and Some Sleep.
Elsa-09.JPG Elsa-10.JPG Elsa-11.JPG Elsa-12.JPG
At the second rest stop, she really was alert and enjoyed her outdoor time.
As we got home, Elsa decided to take some time to sleep to get ready for Grandma... Once at Grandma House, she was a little stressed, but very quickly got comfortable with the new surroundings and really had a great time... Still wont let grandma touch her unless I am holding her.. But that will come.
Right before bedtime, Elsa Decided to let her Grandma hold her.​
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Sounds like she did fabulously! Just you wait - next thing you know, mom is going to want a Savannah of her very own!!!


Eddies a ham!
She looks like she enjoyed the ride! That's a great pic with Grama, Eddie has a pic of Wild Tafari next to his bed...maybe Elsa wants a picture of her own...:in love:

John Campbell

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Elsa is really relaxed and is acting like she is at home... She is adjusting quicker than I would have ever expected. This morning, She let her Grandma pet her head and ears... She will walk right up in front of her as well...

Elsa has also developed a new hobby... Bird Watching. At home, we have very few to no birds flying by so she really has never seen them... Mom has a Bird Feeder right by a window with loads of birds being down in the country.. She really has an interest in them, but more on that later.

John Campbell

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Sweet John. My Kilifi loved going to Grandma's house but refused to be held.

I was shocked when mom said she was holding her... I did not expect that knowing the nature of Savannah's... Will be interesting when she meets her younger cousin's... PreTeen Kids... :rolleyes::rolleyes: At the breeder a 10 year old girl did a lot of work with her... It may help with the other kids.

John Campbell

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Sounds like she did fabulously! Just you wait - next thing you know, mom is going to want a Savannah of her very own!!!

She did better than I could have ever imagined or hoped for... She clearly does not like the carrier and is VERY clear that she does not want to travel on long trips that way... But did excellent running around on her own... Anytime I got out of the car, she went back in, but she was ok with that because it was only a few minutes.


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Zeddie hates the carrier on long trips too. When we go up North I am going to try to set up a crate in my car as there will be no other passenger to keep her in check.

I love the picture of Elsa looking out the window with Jake, and the picture of Elsa with your mom. How adorable is that?!


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If you plan on taking more trips with Elsa, you may want to look at a soft / backpack style of cat carrier. I leave them in the cat room and they are used as a sleeping and safety space.

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