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Enjoying today's sunshine.


Savannah Super Cat
It was so nice out in Western Washington that I was able to take Kovu out for quite a bit today. Today was the most active I've seen him outside. Lots of chasing bugs! Just wanted to share some pictures of my pretty boy. I tried to get the human boy outside but he was playing video games with Glenn.

#1) Mooooom, why are you making me come outside?!
#2) Ooooo! A BUG!
#3-4) Just chillin, looking handsome. :)
#5-6) Hunting ants.



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Staff member
Looks like he had a great time. Bugs are great entertainment, aren't they, and cheap protein too. Juba is like a vacuum cleaner on walks. Jumps in the air to catch flying insects. He adores these little white butterflies that come out in the spring. I think he eats his weight in those every year.


Savannah Super Cat
haha Yes, they are great entertainment. He started going after a bee, so I had to really keep an eye out. I was like Noooo! Not that one!