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Erra the Toyger


Savannah Super Cat
So, my SBT SV Vakai would cry very piteously whenever he was left alone, even though I'm with him most of the the time. So I decided to get him a companion. At first I thought about getting another SV (and still am, even now >_>; they're like potato chips aren't they?) but then I remembered Toygers after seeing a pic somewhere and decided to have a look around.

If you don't know, a Toyger is a bengal crossed with a mackerel tabby, in an attempt to recreate those gorgeous, tiger-like stripe patterns. After some google searching, I stumbled onto Lake Mountain Bengals & Toygers and got slammed by love at first sight while looking at their available kittens. Pam was really great, answered all my questions and gave me lots of tips, especially on starting feeding all my kitties a raw diet!

Waiting was the killer as usual, but when pickup came, it was an adventure all its own. We kept getting strange directions to the cargo area we needed to go to get her. Once there, we waited for half an hour, and then when she finally showed up, well, we heard her from a ways off. She'd earned the right to be chatty, she'd been in the carrier for ages, ten hours.

When we finally got her home, she bolted from the carrier and came down with an understandable case of the zoomiez and ran all over and under everything. But aside from being startled by a few loud noises, she didn't mind being pet at all, and when I came in to check on her the next morning, she ran over to meet me at the door. She's so soft I squee every time I touch her. And she's very playful, maybe a bit too much, so. She's a bit error prone; she can't jump quite as far as she thinks she can, doesn't mind bolting under the bed for a thrown toy even if she bumps her head repeatedly both ways to do it. She's also very, very fast.

Haven't introduced Vakai to Erra yet, I'm still doing the rub each cat with a towel thing. Hope it goes well. I think Erra's heavier than Vakai, but he looks a bigger, taller and longer. I really hope they don't become avowed enemies or anything...

Will post more pics the second I get them off my phone!


Staff member
Erra sounds like quite the character - I think you're seeing the Bengal personality coming out ;) I'm sure introductions will go well once quarantine is completed and they'll be fast friends in no time at all!!!