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Excited :)

Brandy DW

Missing Neka, Loving Sabriel, Nakaia, & Trance
So now that Sabriel is good and has been doing good for a long while for me behaviorally speaking. I'm emailing back and forth with a breeder regarding adding to my cat family. At first I did check several of the breeders sites on here because I know how you guys think from reading your posts and such but because of the USDA/APHIS rule that went into effect this past fall or the breeder not having current kittens I went a different route. I did end up finding a breeder on here that I was happy with and contacted her, she doesn't talk much on here but that's fine. Through emailing back and forth I put a deposit down today. Come the middle of June as long as all goes right I'll be the new pet mom to two sbt savannah kittens! I ended up deciding on two because I knew I wanted 3 total, and this way they come from the same litter so they are already used to each other. Once I get them integrated with Sabriel it'll be golden!

First a question though, for those of you who have traveled with your pet with them being a carry on instead of in the cargo. Which type of carrier would you consider to be the best that would also fit under the seat? I'm going with Delta Airlines as they'll let both kittens be in the same carrier - so they'll have comfort with each other.

Second question: With traveling cats usually have to use the restroom at some point. Now when I got Sabriel from the airport she remarkably had not gone to the bathroom in her carrier but as soon as I got her to the vet she had to go really, really badly! Is there anyway that during the layover I could get them to go somewhere? I know with newborn kittens who are abandoned by their mothers that caretakers can get them to go using a wet wash cloth and running water (well I've at least seen that on animal planet a few times - don't know how often that happens). But I don't know if that would even be allowed in an airport and I also wouldn't really want to take them out of the carrier. So what would be the best material to line the carrier with? A blanket? A towel?

I have a plan in mind for what I'm going to do with quarantine - I can post pictures of that when I get the needed materials and see what you guys think about the setup. I've never had to worry about that before because never had a cat already living in the house previously.

Right now my biggest concerns are 1) the two kittens will stick together and not easily accept Sabriel. 2) Sabriel and the kittens will fight and Sabriel might hurt one of them. 3) This will cause behavioral issues with Sabriel if she doesn't like the kittens.
I think all of those concerns can/will be solved with how I introduce the cats to each other. I've paid attention to the posts the last few years, I've done my research hopefully what I read will work. If nothing else I have you guys and the breeder to support me with any hiccups.

Right now I'm just going to relax, be happy about the very likely new additions to my family, and take everything one day at a time.

I plan on paying the breeder the rest of the money for them this week with cashiers check, and I'll sign the contract when I pick them up from her house. I'll post pictures when she says they're absolutely mine, I mean with the deposit I would think it would be alright but I don't wanna break an unspoken rule or something as I didn't ask her if I could yet.

Oh and for names - they're both females (spayed - well they will be spayed before I get them). I'm thinking Keladry (from a book) and Nakaia (pronounced Na ki a) that came from messing around with a name. For Sabriel I sometimes shorten her name to Sabby. So for Keladry I could shorten her name to Kel and for Nakaia, I could shorten it to Kaia. But I do usually try to stick with the full name.

Okay now it's time for my brain to stop thinking for a bit, I'm going to post this and try to get it off my mind for a bit. I keep going back and forth between extremely excited to a bit nervous because of all the planning I have to do both to get the kittens and then to get them settled for the long haul. My cat mom instincts are at full throttle right now lol. :in love:


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Delta likes the Sherpa Pet carriers. I bought one at PetSmart when I flew with my cat. I used a puppy pee pad to line the bottom of the carrier and carried an extra one along. They're absorbent and you wouldn't have to change it -- would be tricky with two cats in the carrier.

Brandy DW

Missing Neka, Loving Sabriel, Nakaia, & Trance
Thank you W.W! I hadn't thought of the puppy pee pads thinking they'd shred it with their claws. Hopefully that doesn't happen. But I at least got a place to start! :) I'll look for the Sherpa Pet carriers - I'm going to try to buy one down there though as flying with it to there would be a hassle.


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If you are buying the carrier on line, you might want to consider sending directly to the breeder so that they get used to it as a safe area. Sticking a kitten into one of these for the first time and then either flying or driving does not make the kitty like it much! I unfortunately did not think of this when we ordered ours. We flew up to Seattle to get Jammu and the 2-1/2 hr flight in this thing made him viciously attack it in our bedroom for weeks after we got him home. Rafiki only had a 1 hour car ride home and wasn't overly fond of her carrier either as a result. we bought soft plush carriers hoping they would see them as safe zones but they now merely tolerate the carriers but do not willingly go into them.

Brandy DW

Missing Neka, Loving Sabriel, Nakaia, & Trance
After speaking to Kim (one of the breeders), I'm thinking I'll be having them in the cargo area of the plane rather than the cabin area. I'll still have them in the same carrier together but they'll have more room in cargo than under a seat in the cabin.

As for getting them used to the carrier I don't know, I know afterwards with Neka and Sabriel they both still liked their carriers and I know their breeders didn't do anything extra because the first time Neka was in the carrier for a car ride to the airport she threw up according to the breeder.

I now feel comfortable posting pictures of the kittens, as I paid the rest of their price and I asked Kim if I could and she said yes. :) I'm getting them from Tuminello Exotics.

Keladry1.jpg Keladry2.jpg Keladry3.jpg Keladry4.jpg Keladry5.jpg

Nakaia1.jpg Nakaia2.jpg Nakaia3.jpg Nakaia4.jpg Nakaia5.jpg


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Congrats Brandy! They are gorgeous kittens and we will help you with integrating if you need it...