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Exercise wheels


Savannah Super Cat
First off I would like to thank Paige for posting info on the various wheels she has experience with. I was thinking it might be helpful if we could provide reviews on the various brands that may be suitable for Savannah's.

If others agree, I feel the things that would be helpful to know are, brand, materials constructed from, durability, cost, customer support and dealer info or contact info.

As a new Savannah owner, I know I come across a lot of things on this forum that I would be interested in ,but would like more info. Hopefully others have a similar interest.

I am aware of the following wheels, GoPet wheels, Cat Wheel Company and the Maclaw wheel. I can't provide a personal review on any of the mentioned wheels as I have no experience with any of the products.

Thank you for your time.


Staff member
Bill, the Catswall wheel is the wheel we are ordering (I think) from Taiwan...just do a search on catswall and you will get some info about it.

I can only give reviews on the Maclaw and Catwheel Company...I think I have kind of done both at this point...I don't know anyone on the forum who has a cat wheel but Patti and Deborah...however, I will start reviews under product reviews, if you would like, for the two I have experience with...


Savannah Super Cat
Thanks Paige, it may be helpful and create more interest. I know there are a lot of things I come across, but am not ready to seriously consider without additional info. There certainly seems to be a benefit on many levels to having a cat wheel.