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Exotico Savannahs?


Savannah Super Cat
Hey guys! Looks like I may finally be able to save for a Savannah! :D

I have been looking at Exotico Savannahs for my first kitten. They were added to the list on this June, and their FB page is older.
The female I want a kitten from is Drinkwatercat Boileau Scarlet- so I know she is a quality Savannah.

They are located in South Carolina(I could drive to them!) and have stunning pictures.

But I do know that they were just recently added to the website, so I'd like to see if anyone here has done business with them before? They seem nice(discussed prices and upcoming litter expediencies) from what I can tell, but some other thoughts would be much appreciated! <3


Staff member
Oh never mind, I found it and I have heard of Donna Pinillos before, but don't have any personal experience with her. Probably others her know her though from Facebook, I don't hang out there much myself.

Pam Flachs

Savannah Super Cat
I only know Donna from FB. She is a newer breeder, and has cats from several well-established breeders. I have not heard anything negative about her or her cats. Donna seems like a very nice person and her Savannahs are beautiful...I think you will be fine getting a kitten from Donna :)


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I know Donna pretty well...she is a good breeder and will go out of her way to help you...


Savannah Super Cat
^-^ Thank you for your responses! They're very appreciated. I have been unsure about the other SC breeder. We called them to ask questions and the answers were completely scattered sounding. So this is exciting for me to have a nice breeder so close to me! I would love to purchase from someone that I can drive to pick up rather than ship. :D

John Campbell

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Best of luck Stormi... It sounds like this is your first Savannah.... They are the super theme parks of kitties... You will have the ride of your life and will always enjoy it. I wish you well, and please take plenty of pictures.... We LOVE pictures.


Savannah Super Cat
Thank you John! ^^ And trust me. I will be taking tons and tons of pictures. x3


Savannah Super Cat
Have your baby yet? We love those baby shots!

River Ridge
West Virginia
Ack! Sorry I never responded~~ ^^;

I have actually fallen in love with an F2 kitten that Patti has. I have not done any of the questionnaire or official discussions yet though. I know who she is and she has my full trust. I feel more comfortable getting a kitten from an extremely well known and respected breeder that is also well established. Plus, he's one sexy kitten. ;3

So no, I do not have my baby yet. But if I do end up with this kitten, I will show him off every single day. You won't miss a single milestone of him :3