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Extremely picky eater


Savannah Super Cat
Hi all

I have an f3 Savannah named Nyah. She is extremely picky when it comes to food.

i have 3 cats total: 2 Bengals (Sammi and Amber) and f3 Nyah. They all get 100% raw diet.

Nyah basically will not eat anything other than quail.

This is what i feed them.

-ground chicken
-ground rabbit
-ground turkey
-ground duck
-ground beef
-peices of pork
-whole quail
-pieces of chicken thighs
-chicken liver
-chicken hearts

All three cats love the quail. that is def their favorite food. it costs about 10$ per pack of 6 at the store and 1 pack would last a day if i feed all three of them.

Nyah is on the smaller side cause she refuses to eat anything but quail. she will eat some salmon but only after getting really hungry then she gives in and eats it. the other food though she will hold out for a couple days if she has to. not sure what to do. My mom has been staying with me for a couple months while shes in the country and has been giving her quail all the time and doing it when the other cats aren't around to see. now she knows she gets her way if she holds out and complains enough.

Not sure what to do at this point but to give in and continue with the quail. im also concerned that she isnt getting all the nutrition she needs from the quail. any ideas on new foods or trying to get her to like something cheaper?


Staff member
I'm not sure how you feel about canned food but it might be that she loves it, so you might want to offer her some. At least you would know she's getting a balanced diet.


Savannah Super Cat
It must be the name. My Nyah is a picky eater, too! She is not a bird eater, no chicken, no turkey, she ate a bit of quail. She sure eyes my parakeets, though!