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F1 chews plastic


Site Supporter
My 2 year old F1 spayed female LOVES to chew any thing covered in plastic
Ziploc bags are top on the target list. Why does she do this and how do I discourage it?
Water spray bottle is useless she likes that too.
The one plus is she does not chew cords.
I just don't want to have the vet need to remove the plastic from her gut

I don't have this problem with the 2 neutered males they are about 1 1/2 years old.



Savannah Super Cat
I dont know what we'd do if Kovu & Sarabi liked the water bottle.. we'd be in trouble. They aren't too bad with plastic but headphone wires & hair ties are like drugs to them.


Staff member
There are many cats who chew on plastic - that is one of those things you need to keep out of reach...I have to keep any kind of paper hidden away from Zuri, whether it be bills or anything might try one of the bitter apple sprays...


My cats have started going after my bed spread. Really annoying teh whole sucking on the bed spread thing, try spraying that with bitter apple....

Not to mention that they are tearing it to shreds, and it was my favorite.

Per Lausund

Staff member
Mine just love anything made from wool. Same cure, keep it out of reach! As to why they chew, well, some humans chew pens and pencils...


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Bella shredded one set of sheets. I found out why Air bubbles made the surface move
more than the rest of the bed. So I burped the bed and she quit. BTW it's a waterbed
She is so bad about any plastic she will go after something that you just set down.
The reason the spray bottle does not work is she has jumped into the shower
with me once or twice. If I leave a tube of water she will get in and play with
a stuffed mouse toy (name of the game drowned the mouse) So water just means
play time as far as she is concerned.


Per Lausund

Staff member
Seems you were lucky it was just the sheet, I know some cats here who would really, but really, love thrashing a waterbed!


Breeding Savannahs for the Home
My F1 loves fabric. Doesn't matter what kind, as long as it is fabric. She ate the corner of a brand new recliner!