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F1 George


George's brother
Here are some baby pictures of my boy, I'm not sure he will stay a George, his 3 week old picture is so serious with his fat whisker pads and wittle short tail...........:p


  • george 2 weeks.JPG
    george 2 weeks.JPG
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  • George 3 weeks 1.jpg
    George 3 weeks 1.jpg
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  • George 3 weeks 2.jpg
    George 3 weeks 2.jpg
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  • George 3 weeks 3.jpg
    George 3 weeks 3.jpg
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How adorable George is!!! I love the first picture...can't wait to see him grow up!


You must be so thrilled! Look at those floppy ears, I love this stage that kittens go through. He does look like a George to me... my friends growing up had a St Bernard named George and he was a big ol' love.


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He is an only child so it looks like he is getting PLENTY to eat. The pictures are so great to help pass the time.....but they do make it harder to pass the time....HA!
Oh trust me, I understand. I was worse than a 1st time pregnant woman when I was waiting for my 1st SV. To keep myself occupied I bought about 200 toys; 10 cat beds of varying size & color; a 6 x 6 x 6 outdoor enclosure; a 9ft custom cat tree; pestered the breeder for weekly pictures & emails. The closer it came to bringing him home the worse I got. Luckily I flew down to Calif to pick him up so I didn't have to sit home biting my nails to the quick with worry about having him shipped. I was a bit more relaxed with the 2nd & 3rd.:big grin:


George's brother
Lucky for me he is only two hours from me so when the breeder says Time....well you can guess! And yes, new kitten parafanalia has been sprout ting up all over the place. I am trying to pace myself so I have shopping to do right up until time. The forum helps so much I can learn and ask all the pestering questions here and leave Doreen (Kelly?) alone.