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F1 Mom Bred with F6...


Savannah Child
New question for you guys..

Select exotics has an F2 male that was bred from an F1 mom and a F5 Dad..

And another F2 I' m interested in was bred from a F1 mom and a F6 dad... Will he likely be smaller??


Site Supporter
Staff member
There isn’t much difference between Serval percentage at that point. Nor is it a big factor to begin with. Physical size is just a genetic crapshoot. You could have a tiny F1 and a large F7. You could also have littermates that are drastically different in size. Previous siblings might give you an idea of what size MIGHT be, or not. My F2 boy is right around 30 pounds. His younger brothers ranged from about 14-22 pounds. His Sister is 10 pounds. You just never know.