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F1 Pet Savannah


Savannah Super Cat
I'm starting to save now. I saw a goal of $20000 for an F1 seemed like a realistic number. I know they're more rare because of the complications to have a successful breeding. I was wondering if there are big differences between "show/breeding" quality and more for the pet side as far as an average price? Or is it more along the lines of, you're paying for a savannah. Whatever you choose to have them for after that is kind of on you? And I'm sure markings come into play as well? I would like to have a female, but I know the males tend to be cheaper, correct?

Trish Allearz

Uh, I'm a bit confused at your post, but that's okay- I tend to be confused :)

$20,000 is a bit high for an F1 Savannah- I think girls range around $8000-$12000 and boys range a bit lower. Nonstandard F1s may also range quite a bit lower then the quoted price as well.

A Savannah is a Savannah is a Savannah. F1 girls that are very typey are going to typically find their way into good breeding programs IMHO. Why? Because we want that type in our catteries. The reputable F1 breeders I have spoken to recently (I would love a new queen) already have waiting lists- but that's okay, I'd rather wait and buy from a reputable breeder then jump into a purchase from someone that breeds just for the money.

Errrm... F1s can't be shown, but some cats adhere more to the breed standard and are in more demand for breeding programs.

Did that help at all?


Savannah Super Cat
Ah ok. Even better then! I don't know where I got the $20000 in my head. That's much more doable then!! =P And don't worry about confusion. I tend to confuse... haha. And I thought I had read that savannahs were in the process of being considered to be included in regular cat shows? I know there's a process to have a cat included in the like... standard breeds or something like that. Either way, I know I want a pet. Someone to love and to love me. haha. And I would totally want to buy from a breeder that is about the cat, not the money for sure! That is very very very important to me!! Someone who raised the cat to be part of a home, not a house...

And yes you totally helped! =) Thank you so much!! =D

Another question attached to that, does there tend to be a long waiting list for F1s, and I tend to be more attracted to the savannahs that have a hint of wild in them. I like the still domestic cat-like face with the wild body and huge size! When considering what type to buy, will looking at the parents help? And can you tell when they are kitten if they will stay more domestic or wild looking? Even if I had a more wild looking one, I'd still love them just as much of course!! ;)

Pam Flachs

Savannah Super Cat
Savannahs have been allowed to show at TICA shows for several years in the Advanced New Breed (ANB) class, as long as they were at least a "C" cat (F3C, F4C, F5C....etc). As of May 1, 2012, Savannahs are now competing in all classes along with all other breeds of cats. Savannahs that are eligible to show must be at least an F4SBT, meaning they have a minimum of four generations of Savannahs as parents, grandparents and great-grandparents. Savannahs that are not eligible for show may be permitted to attend for "Exhibition Only". This can include F1-F3 cats, and Savannahs that don't have the proper color or pattern allowed for showing (the blue, cinnamon, chocolate, pointed (siamese coloring) and marble patterns) and non-permissible colored cats that are at least F4 can compete in the Household Pet (HHP) class or in the New Traits class. Now that Savannahs are showing as any other domestic breed they are doing very well! There are already several cats that have reached Champion status and beyond....:)

I believe most breeders of F1's have waiting lists. I assume by "hint of wild"----you are referring to a Savannah that most resembles a serval? We try to educate people not to use the word "wild" or "exotic" when referring to Savannahs, as that has lead to bans on ownership in some states and countries; and thinking that Savannahs are always huge is a myth we also try to dispel. Most Savannahs are the same size and weight as other domestic cats; the long legs, tall ears and lean body mass tends to make them appear larger than other cats. There are a few F1 female and F2 male Savannahs that are quite large, however. Generally, seeing what the parents or past litters from the same pairing will give a good indication of what a kitten may look like, and kittens can and do change appearance from babyhood to becoming an adult :)

If you can, attend a TICA show near you! It's a good place to meet breeders and see the cats:


Savannah Super Cat
Ah that's really neat!! Go savannahs!! haha

Yeah the "hint of wild" I mean the serval side. I like the ones that have the size, but still have the domestic cat look to their face, but still a hint of that serval side in there. ;) They're all so beautiful though. There's no way I'd dislike any of them!! =) My own cat (that lives with my parents now) is about 12" at HIS shoulders. He's a big kitty - average housecat, but big guy. ;)

I was debating on F3 also. They're still a really good size by a few sites I've seen on average height ranges, and still very exotic looking! Great markings! I will have to check out if there will be any shows anywhere nearby for sure! And I really really appreciate all of the feedback I've been getting from all of you! It's really refreshing to be able to share and get more about the savannahs than just "they're great, they're exotic, they're expensive". haha. I like to know more about them as an animal and as a breed! I really appreciate it! I will have to keep my eyes peeled for a tica show! Thanks for that link!! =)


Staff member
I agree with everything Pam has said here. The Savannah size is a total myth. Of course I don't know what individuals consider huge, but to me even F1s are the size of large domestic cats. I have one F1 that I consider big even for an F1 - but she doesn't rival her Serval daddy.

I'm not sure what you mean about wanting a Savannah that has a 'domestic cat-like face'. The Savannah's unique face is one of the most important features that sets it apart from every other cat breed :up:

Why is your cat living with your parents?


Savannah Super Cat
It was a family cat that we have had since I was little. He's really old. I went away to college, and he stayed living in their home when I went away. He comes over for sleepovers at my apartment now that I've finished college and moved back to my hometown sometimes, so he's still part my cat. He's my loverboy. =P But he primarily lives with my parents. I'm looking to have a real cat of my own to have at home all the time. =) And no I mean... I don't want a totally domestic looking cat that's a savannah. I love love love all of the features of the savannahs. I just make things overcomplicated. haha. I love every savannah I've ever seen. =P I was just mostly wondering if you can tell how their looks might turn out if you see how the parents looked. =) That's all.

On that note, while I'm wanting to get a savannah, I like kitties who can have kitty playmates. How do savannahs do with non savannah cats? I was debating getting a savannah kitten at the same time I adopt a kitten that's not savannah and they could grow up together. I know there's the quarantine period and everything when you first get a cat, so that's in mind. I'm just wondering what input there might be on if I was to do that?


Savannah Super Cat
They are very social with other cats.
My Savannah cat Always want to sleep and play with my regular cats.
Knowing my 4 cats i'm pretty sure now if i put a new cat in the house the Savannah wil deal with it the most easily. Perhaps that changes when he grows older.

For the Savannah it's really good that he has a playmate.
It will give his life so much more joy.
Beeing alone will lead to boredom and boredom leads to destruction.

The only good part about having no playmate is that he will become more social with you.
I see with my Savannah that he rather follows my old cat around instead of me.

Some say you can wait few weeks/months/a year before taking the second cat, then the bound will be bigger.
But if i see my 3month all Savannah playing then i think he plays way to ruff to give him a little Kitty as playmate.


Savannah Super Cat
I'm debating on getting the savannah and a regular cat the same time (as kittens) or if I should get the savannah first, wait a bit, and then get the other. My other thought was the whole quarantine process when you bring home a new kitten. I know how touchy kittens can be to new environments, and especially with stress of being taken away and new environment and stuff. I wouldn't want my new kitties getting sick!! =(


Savannah Super Cat
I wouldn't wait to long with the other kitten.
Now i regret that i have no playmate for themba.
My older 3 cats are just too dull.

He's almost 15week old now and 8.1lbs. (got really lucky with his size)
He plays really wild with my older cats, a younger kitten would really need to be good at getting slapped around.
I don't know how it is for other people but i think i tiny kitten would be to soft for him.
I want one but i don't dare.
Maybe if you get a lower generation savannah it would be different.

I often heard people saying get the other kitten few weeks months later, but in my case i should have taken the other kitten few weeks earlier.

I would love to hear other peoples opinion on this.