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f1 Savannah as a pet

Gas doc

Savannah Kitten
I really don't want to email every breeder asking "how much for an f1 ?".Now that it's 2014 ,I'm asking what is the current price range for non breeding f1 Savannah's from reputable breeders.I just need a range to work with .Most I've seen posted have no price listed next to the pictures like it's some kind of secret.We all know that F1s are very expensive,I just hate having to call or email to ask and getting the sales pitch.Thanks!


Staff member
You won't get a sales pitch from a reputable breeder. What you'll get is a lot of questions that include why you want a SV, an F1, what your home and personal circumstances are, your financial ability to take care of a cat if there are medical issues, whether you have any other companion animals, your expectations of what living with a SV are and many many more questions. If you contact someone who does not put you through a thorough vetting, run away fast and don't look back.

The price range for an F1 mentioned most often here is $5000-$10,000. You will find some that are more expensive than the top of the range. You may find some less expensive than the bottom of the range.

Pam Flachs

Savannah Super Cat
Good advice, Deborah. I'd also add that if the first, or only thing you ask when inquiring about a Savannah is the price, you probably will not get a response back. It's best to introduce and describe a bit about yourself and home first. You can ask pricing, but don't let that be the only thing you ask about....


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Not that I got the impression that you personally would do this, but I heartily agree with both Deborah and Pam. My pre-adoption questionnaire is three pages long. Many times after I send it I never hear back from the person again - that's okay with me as it tells me they really weren't interested enough to put some effort into the purchasing process.

Perhaps for someone who has been seriously researching Savannahs for months or years, asking the price may be the only significant thing they feel they don't know - but what needs to be realized is that a reputable breeder is going to care just as much - or more - about the home their kitten is going to than the purchaser cares about the home or facility their kitten is coming from.

So when you (generically speaking) approach breeders, first tell them something about yourself and why you think you'll be able to give a kitten a wonderful home, then get down to the specifics of the purchase.

Gas doc

Savannah Kitten
Thanks for all the excellent comments.I have followed the Savannah program since the beginning (before they were called Savannah) and I am familiar with what is required to own an F1 and all the questions that I will be asked.I completely understand why breeders must be very selective that they place their F1 babies in the right home.Now that I'm ready to actually get one,I needed the one thing that can difficult to find on chat forums and breeder web sites.The actual cost .So I would see many beautiful F1s posted here and other sites, but had no idea what people were actually paying for them . Thanks to Deborah, l now know that 5k-10k is currently the range. This way if someone is selling an f1 for $2,000 I can ask "why so cheap?",or $20,000 I can ask "why so expensive".This is a wonderful forum with incredible people and I appreciate the replies.


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Glad you got the info you needed. I will say I have seen F2s that were also priced between 5-10K as well. Good luck in your search and keep us posted.