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F1 vs F2 - some observations


Chirps & Massive Headbutts
Now that I have an F1 (Amaury), I thought I'd do a mini compare/contrast vs my F2 (Shango). Both are males and I thought I'd share my observations based on about 12 weeks of age. Amaury is 56%, Shango is 35%. Both complement each other very well and are good buddies.

Personality - Amaury is more persistent, not afraid of anything. He just doesn't care! He'll go do it attitude;). Shango is more laid back, occasionally hesitant.

Owner Relationship - Amaury is not a lap cat. Shango is a lap cat. Amaury will fall asleep on my head and doesn't care this way. Amaury follows me around like a very loyal dog. Shango does follow me around, but is a bit more independent.

Physical Appearance - Amaury is overall darker, has more orange, inkier spots, larger ears, more distinct ocelli, black nose, distinct white borders around eyes, stubbier and fluffier tail. Shango is overall lighter, more white on underside, more consistently colored. Amaury is stockier, stubbier and large rear legs. Shango is leaner and longer and still has larger ears. Amaury has continuous black side streamers along his neck, whereas Shango lacks the continuity of these. Amaury has 4 of these neck streamers looking top down, whereas Shango has 5 of these.

Physical Traits - Amaury jumps higher and is quicker. Shango is still very quick and is not as much of a jumper. Amaury jumps higher than Shango at half his age. Amaury jumps on counters, Shango does not. Amaury is about 2 lbs heavier than Shango at his current ago. Both do equally-good Serval like pouncing. Amaury does these playful, stocking exercises where he places one foot over the other, slowly advancing! He thinks he's in stealth mode. Shango does not do this.

Appetite - Amaury has a massive appetite! Shango has a very good appetite, but is a pickier eater. Both eat raw very well.

Sounds - Amaury is all Serval sounding, or so be it if I compare to You Tube clips. There's this raspy rat-a-tat-tat vibrating sound he makes when he wants something and I hold him back from it! I have no idea what to call it as it was unexpected! Shango simply does not make this sound. Amaury makes some minor Serval chirps that Shango does not produce. Amaury makes very little if any classic cat meow's, whereas Shango makes some. Shango does make some near Serval like sounds and barks though!

Here's a pix of them exploring my dry bathtub, oh the fun!

cheers... dj


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Jason E

Savannah Super Cat
You're such a loyal and excellent servant to your Savannah's.:cool: I always enjoy your long descriptive posts, whether its something like this or about your feeding schedule. Great picture too! My brothers kitten freaking loves tubs haha. God I want a savannah already....:(


Savannah Super Cat
You have some beautiful boys there, Scorpius! I always look forward to photos from you and your gorgeous babies! :in love:

John Popp

Site Supporter
Beautiful boys there! Reading the description written, it would see if it is pretty closely aligned to the expectations between generations. I was wondering if you have noticed any outlier differences in their appearance, personalities or physical abilities. Curiosity more than anything and just wondering where the corner starts turning on their attributes.

Oh, and excellent comparison that I'm filing away, Thanks!


Loyal Servant
Thanks for the write up of your observations! It's not even been two months, I want an F1 in a big way!

Have you compared their personalities to the parents to see how much of this you find in them? Between the F2 queen and F5 sire, my girl takes completely after her mother's side in personality and markings.


Savannah Super Cat
They are both so cute! Thank you for the descriptions. Nyah, f2, has that same stealth mode as Amaury. These are just darn cool cats, aren't they?