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F3 baby girl Nyah


Savannah Super Cat
Shes 9 weeks now. shes got that black Serval nose which i love. also has a bit of an under bit which makes her nose super pointy like a fox. oh and shes tiny! soooo cute!


I put a bottle next to her for size comparison.






Savannah Super Cat
Thanks! Shes playing paws under the door with my Bengal Sammi. I think they like each other... and Sammi usually hates any new cat.


Savannah Super Cat
So its been a week and a half and we have made some big progress. we can let her out of the room now when were home. my 2 bengals seem to be getting along ok with her. a few days ago we started to keep her in the crate but keep the crate outside of the room where my other 2 can see her. they seemed to be getting along ok so i let her out to see what would happen since everything was going so smoothly. when she came out there was some intense butt sniffing going on... i mean like my bengal amber had her nose up her butt. just following her everywhere and sniffin her butt all night LOL.

There are a couple minor issues though. when there in her room there will be some hissing and i think its cause her smell is everywhere and its too much for them. so we are only letting them interact outside of her quarantine room. Also they love to pee in her litter box. every time they go in they have to pee in it. i think there marking their territory? both are spayed... because of these minor issues we don't let them in the room any more. could the pee thing be a potential problem later on? Nyah doesnt seem to mind there pee in her box though...