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F3 Doesn't seem to drink anything


new to the forum and new to savannah cat ownership, have a 2 year old F3 called shishi and she is lovely, has a diet of chicken but doesn't seem to like anything else.

have just ordered some taurine supplement for her but it says to dissolve in her water...but she doesn't ever seem to drink any fluids.

Is this normal? any advice on ownership would be lovely :)



Savannah Super Cat
Is the chicken you feed her raw? If so she probably gets most of her water from that. I rarely see my cats drink water unless it's hot out.

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
I think they definitely drink less water when eating raw meat... what I would do is sprinkle the taurine powder on the's tasteless in the pure powdered form. Just check the supplement you ordered to make sure it is just taurine.

What kind of chicken are you feeding? Whole ground chicken with bones and organ meat...or? My concern is that her nutritional needs are met and she may need more supplementation than just taurine... I use the Mazuri supplements, they make one for whole prey and one for slab meat..


Savannah Super Cat
When i got coco she didnt seem to drink a lot however after i bought her a drinkwell water fountain shes always having a little drink from it, it could be an idea ?? There pretty cheap in the UK and provide hours of laughs watching your crazy SV pawing the water :) It can get messy tho

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
yes, if they play too much in the water fountain it can be messy. Drinkwell makes little trays to sit it in that help btw... you can find them online on the Drinkwell website. Or find a tray that is large enough to sit it in to catch the spills...
thanks, we're feeding her raw chicken on the bone, she seems to enjoy it...but wont eat livers or anything hence the looking at supplements.
just want a healthy cat :)


Staff member
does she eat the bone? theres taurine in the bone already.
This is inaccurate. Taurine does not appear in bones. It may have a beneficial effect on bone mineral density in animals who have adequate calcium in their diet but it has been shown to have no beneficial effect on bones in animals fed a calcium deficient diet.