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F3 vs. F4 savannah!


Savannah Child
Hi everyone, i'm new to this forum. I'm a French Canadian so sorry if my English is not good.
Since almost 10 years i 've fall in love with Savannah breed. Since three years I own a wonderful (fix) Bengal boy (father from Drinkwater cattery). I got a Bengal because here in Quebec Savannah breed was not very popular, and was more expensive. I also have a 13 years old tortoise shell and she really don't like is Bengal fellow. So if I add a Savannah in my household maybe my Bengal will have more fun to play with ?
But now I'm ready to have THE savannah, and I'm looking for a early gen like F3/F4. Is there a big difference between these two gen? I don't want to give him 3 kind of food. I want him to be free in the house without having things destroy, my house is already cat proof but I don't want my furniture destroy.
Here is my Bengal boy General Tao and my little girl Rusty Face!

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Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
Welcome, Lagrande, your kitties are cuties! Yes, maybe your Bengal will be happier with a similar-energy kitty to play with :)

I personally don't think there is so much difference between generations anymore, the difference at that level can really be the quality of the program producing those kittens. There are some F5 kittens currently being produced that look like F3s, the lines between those generations are blurring as our breed becomes more developed.

You don't need to give ANY generation three types of food if you don't want to. I've had F1s that only want kibble, or only canned...Savannahs should be fed a high quality diet but you as owner can make a decision on what you decide to feed.

Good luck with your search :)


Site Supporter
Welcome Lagrande!
Your kitties are gorgeous.
We have an F3 boy and an F4 boy (and an F5 boy), and all three boys eat the same food. They eat high quality kibble, high quality canned food, every day, and they eat unseasoned, but cooked, meats like chicken, pork, and beef. The cooked meat is limited to about 2 oz per kitty, per day, mostly chicken. They probably get something cooked 5 days a week; almost every time we cook.


Savannah Child
I already use no grain kibble food for both of my kitty! Because my Bengal rules the place, sometime I have to give some canned food (high protein) to my old one!

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Staff member
Welcome Lagrande, your kitties are cuties! I don't personally find much difference in personalities between F3 and F4, especially at the C and SBT level. Good luck in your search for the perfect companion for your Bengal!!