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F4 SBT Adult Female Available in Connecticut


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F4 SBT P.B. is about 8 years old, but doesn’t act old at all. She is spayed, microchipped, up to date on vaccines, and has all her claws. She won’t use them on humans, but wouldn’t think twice about using them on another cat so she really needs to be in an only cat home. She LOVES to play, and is a BIG talker. She is also VERY affectionate, and loves to purr on you while she’s on your lap (and will clean your head if you let her!). In her mind you can never give her enough petting and attention (she’s not too crazy about being picked up and held in your arms though, she gets really squirmy). She hasn’t been really happy here since her best buddy passed away last summer and she is being a huge bully to other cats, including ones she grew up with and always got along with. She is also bullying others about food so she was overeating and had gained a LOT of weight. She’d also throw up a lot as she’d gorge herself so other cats didn’t get the food first. She’s been to the vet and had a full work up including blood and urine, and is as healthy as a horse - she was just VERY overweight. We’ve had her separated and she is doing much better that way, but it is hard on her and us to keep that up and give her enough attention. And she really wants a human that can satisfy her huge play drive and give her more activity to lose the rest of the extra weight now that we've been able to control exactly how much she eats.

She has never met dogs, but she should do fine with dogs as long as they respected her boundaries, and she had places to get away like taller cat trees or wall shelves. She would do fine with older children that also respect boundaries. Her litter box habits are impeccable, and she isn’t picky on what type of food she eats. But the amount of food needs to be monitored, she can’t be free fed.

She is located in eastern Connecticut and would need to be picked up, NO SHIPPING! Her rehoming fee is $150. If you are interested in opening your heart and home to this loving girl, please email us at and tell us your location and a little bit about the home you can provide.


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