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F5 SBT Male 9 months old


Staff member
Are you referring to pricing? Each breeder or owner charges different pricing, so it is difficult to say...

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
Pricing generally depends on the breeder, and what they perceive the quality of their kitten is.

At that age, the kitten is an older kitten so has he been at the breeder all that time? Has he been returned and if so, for what reason? Or is he being resold by the which case, not only should you know why he is being resold but be aware that you would be purchasing a kitten without any health or genetic guarantee (which would only be offered by the breeder). All these things would factor into the price, which I would guess should be lower than a younger kitten...


Eddies a ham!
No contract, no sale...irregardless of the price unless you can afford the $$$$$ to fix ANYTHING.... handsome little guy!

Pam Flachs

Savannah Super Cat
How do you search a picture in Google?

It's on a pic to open it up, as large as it will go. Right click on your mouse...go to: Search Google for this Image....if there are multiple images of the same pic, those will be shown in the search. This is not a fail-safe way to check for scams of course, but often is very enlightening.....