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F5C Retired Young Female in NC


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Kali is a spayed 2.5 year old F5C Savannah female. She is a VERY sweet girl, and is looking for an environment that is a better fit for her. Her newest mommy and daddy do love her very much, and that feeling is mutual (as you can see in her pics with her daddy ). But their two resident cats are just not accepting her, and it’s not fair to everyone involved. She absolutely loves to cuddle once she’s comfortable with you, and she also likes to play. Kali is not too crazy on the troublemaker spectrum, as far as Savannah’s go. She’s an easygoing girl and may be a bit shy at first. So she will need a somewhat quiet room as a transition space for at least two weeks, maybe longer depending on the situation.

Someone Kali can have all to herself to spoil her would be FABULOUS!!! She would do OK with older kids and some other pets, but a quieter home actually suits her much better and preferably she would be the only cat. She is currently living in Franklinton, NC and we are looking for a home within a few hours driving distance of there. She is fully vetted and has good litter box habits, as long as she isn’t being harassed by other kitties. Her re-homing fee is $350.

If you are interested in being Kali’s new cuddle buddy, please send us an email to Tell us your location and about the home you could provide for her (including details on all 2 legged and 4 legged family members) and we can see if it would be a good fit for both of you. 565D78AE-DBF3-472B-85B2-6303646A673B.jpeg B3D23ED3-4364-4CB0-BF36-E5309B1354F6.jpeg E60CB915-EB4F-48B9-98D6-C4657B53AC19.jpeg 32237F48-3875-4782-9751-4438FC299487.jpeg 9EB50889-51F9-4EC4-8C11-7E6D39A18D76.jpeg 5651398A-9152-474D-A2E4-0D465A623093.jpeg
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