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F6 SBT kittens, five weeks old

Melody Waara

Spotlight Savannahs
Cute Video melody! I LOVE watching kittens...they just have to make you smile ;)

Thanks, Paige! And they're SO great. It's hard to get anything done around the house, as I constantly turn up "missing" according to my fiance. He can normally find me on my belly on the floor of our nursery with a sleepy pile of kittens between my arms. They yawn and stretch, turning those little spotted bellies up and I can't help but get lost in belly kisses! It's the highlight of my day, I absolutely love them at this age. :)

Melody Waara

Spotlight Savannahs
Yes, Deci sure gave me a gamut of great colors with this litter. Two blue spotted, both boys, a female dark gray melanistic and three bold spotted BST's. Much easier for me to tell them apart from her last litter - which was 5 IDENTICAL male BST 's and one blue spotted female. :Geeky:

1c.jpg 6a.jpg 6d.jpg


Staff member
I think the kitten you are calling gray melanistic is blue as well...I have never heard of a gray melanistic...they are adorable...

Trish Allearz

Yeah, grey/blue are colors that can be used interchangeably as far as pet colors, but as far as registration goes- she is a blue spotted tabby- not mel at all.

She is adorable though!