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F7 Male 6 mths old

Dear All,

Zion our 6 months old F7, is on both raw and canned food. We are feeding him Applaws wet canned/sachet food + Applaws Kitten dry.

I wonder how much does F7 usually eats. Zion is on double portions on what Applaws recommends on its tins and sachets. I know that Savannahs do usually eat more than normal cats, but is it ok for him to eat double to what Applaws recommend. Basically, he would consume anywhere from 175-275 grams per day of wet food plus we would nibble on some dry food. I just wonder if he is not going to be overweight.

Many thanks in advance for your advices.



Staff member
I just took a look at the ingredients on the canned & pouches and they are not good. No organ meats, no dark meat, no bone or other calcium source and no added vitamins to make up for the lack in the ingredients. He is eating more than the manufacturer recommends because it is an unbalanced diet and he is desperate for nutrition. He is a baby who is doing a whole lot of growing and needs a proper diet to ensure proper growth. We have a lot of information here and there is also tons of good info at and that will help you choose a better commercial food and also ensure that you are feeding a balanced raw diet.

If you have any questions about any of our diet/nutrition info here, please ask. We are happy to assist.

Lori Greer

Cahaba Cats
Good info and advice Deborah! Folks might be surprised at the lack luster ingredients in some of the very fancy and expensive foods. My advise is to look at the ingredients - esp. protein and calcium. If meat and/or meat meal (not by-product-meal) aren't the first ingredient, then move on to something else!