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F7s losing their serval roots?


Savannah Child
Hi gang,

I am the proud owner of 2 male F7 savannahs. I got them when they were 8 weeks old, they had lived with their F6 mom and her fixed brother. For the first few days they would display the typical serval snake hiss and the up-close pounce and swat of their African ancestor but it quickly went away. Should they have spent 12 weeks with their mom to keep that trait or is it a symptom of being F7s (dad is a champion bengal). They clearly look like Savannahs though and one of them barks while the other growls when gnawing on his Da Bird toy. I just miss the snake hiss and the pouncing. :(

They also chirp when we play with the bird toy, their siamese brother also does that maybe due to copy-cat behavior from them.

Has anyone have similar experiences with serval-type behavior tapering out of their savannahs?


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Reincarnated cat Moderator
I have 3 Svs. 2 do the Serval pounce. But NOT all the time. Neither do the snake hiss. One is an F5 the other an F2. I would not worry. They are just growing and changing. It is what It is. :)


Staff member
Totally agree with Cary! Kittens change as they get older...things they did as kittens, they no longer do but then they learn new behaviors that are just as fun!

8 weeks is VERY young, but they seem like healthy, well-adjusted old are they now?


Staff member
You have to remember that your kittens probably have more Bengal in them than Savannah/serval genes if their father was a champion Bengal, and their mother was an F6 (A? B? or ?), so they will probably display traits from both breeds. Of course the Bengal has many similar traits as the Savannah such as their activity level, curiosity, playfulness, etc. but they do not generally have those traits specific the serval (serval pounce, serval slap, stubbornness, etc.)


Savannah Child
Yes time will tell. But they look more like savannahs, the slap and stubbornness is there alright, grabbing one by the scruff is a sure death sentence for example. :)


Savannah Child
Yeah, they have started to sleep on my poker table. Will get cat trees soon and catwalks around the apartment.