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face nibbling!


Savannah Super Cat
Hello Everyone! I have a 8 month old F5 and wanted to see if anyone's cats do this as well. He ALWAYS comes into my bed at night and will paw at my face and blanket until I left it so he can crawl under and lay by my neck. Spoiled cat! Sleeps just like a little human. But he also ALWAYS will nibble on my nose and sneak attack a bite to my chin or cheek. I know knibbling is a sign of affection, but I get this constantly till he gets tired and falls asleep on me lol Of course I don't think he does it to hurt me, because a second after he does it he's head butting me to death lol Anyone else get these loving signs of affection? :)

Trish Allearz

No- but that's probably due to me being a mean mommy! I'd kick their butts out of bed if they were disturbing my sleep! My SVs know if they want to be in my room at night- it's cuddle/sleep time, not crazy time! (Trust me- they make up for it!)

Worse then nibbling are kitties that continue to SUCKLE after they go home. I've heard of owners with kittens that will nurse off their arms/face and leave HICKIES! ROFL!

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
Yes, I have two of those... and I raised both from birth. Baz will purr and drool and need and lick lick lick my face and then "chomp", the problem is he actually bites hard! It's not a nibble :-( Despite trying since he was a wee kitten to dissuade him, he still wants and seems to NEED to do this, so my compromise has been to put my hand up to my face, then he will attach to my wrist for about 30 seconds and he's done, he's happy and we can all go to sleep.

Zari, who still nurses on her Uncle George, seems to have started the same thing. Except she wants to burrow into my neck to lick and bite. So we've compromised on my fingers which she mouths and rolls around in her mouth for a bit and we're done. It's odd to me as that is not trying to suckle on them, which is what at first I thought she wanted.

Zari and Baz are only slightly related (Baz's father is Zari's great-greatgrandfather)...

I have no idea why they bite rather than give hickeys though...maybe because I flinch and so they think they need to hold me still by biting? Argh!


Savannah Super Cat
See that's what mine does sometimes too! He will "nibble" and it doesn't hurt bad at all And other times he will just be heat butting me and loving me and out of no where I get a big chomp on my nose or chin. Then he just sits back and looks innocent. lol I wonder why they do that


Staff member
Not a Savannah but I have a Highlander with Jungle Cat in her that thinks every time I lie down in bed she needs to paw/swat at my face and nibble the protruding parts until I turn away from her enough times that she finally gives up.

Kurt Mylar

Savannah Super Cat
Bintu will lick my nose,neck, eyebrows and chest and then under the covers. Tiger will chew on my fingers at least ten times a day and licks my chest and head butt my face. Isis and Lily love to go under the covers and lay up against your legs and lock you in place. Loki loves to lay on his back so he can get his belly rubbed. Lily and Isis will need and suckle on Loki while he is on his back. The little girls think he is mommy and he just lets them. So it is five SV's me and my wife in a Cal king bed at night.


And her brother Crazy !
Our Crazy still likes to do 'the dance" he will knead and suckle on your tshirt.. I do not allow that so he will lick my nose and and knead my neck!! both kitties love to go under covers and lay with us, but i let them go under blanket and not the sheet!