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Fact or Fiction about Cat Eating a Fly?


Site Supporter
I had someone tell me that is was bad for my cats to eat a fly. But I need to knw
if there are any bad things I need to worry about with this habit.
They went on to say that fating a fly can cause worms. It sounds like fiction to me
So I am here asking when you have to say.

The cats are the best fly swatter around.


BTW Tetsu's new hiding place. He gets in and closes the drawer. Hiding place.jpg


Staff member
Apparently a cat can get maggots from flies, they get tapeworm from fleas.
Love Tetsu's new hiding place!

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
Horrible thought that the maggots might hatch inside the cat :-(

I have no idea if it does happen... but your Tetsu's drawer opening (and closing) abilities are something! Makes you wonder what next he'll find to do... LOL!


Animal Communicator
Wouldn't you see it in their feces? And wouldn't there only be maggots if the flies were alive in there? Zeddie eats flies too :|

SV Dad

Savannah Super Cat
Ahhh Per?
Let's see if we can get the expert to pass some knowledge.
(I'm thinking the stomach acid would kill fly eggs, and it takes time for the maggots to hatch and the cats have a fairly quick intestinal motility. But Per would know far better!)


Loyal Servant
At a digestion rate of an hour, its not possible to survive. There's a much bigger risk of say laying eggs in an open wound that the cat doesn't clean. Short of eating carrion don't worry!


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Bella is my drawer opener and tetsu is the closer.
The new spot gets used when he comes while I take a shower and
the drawer is open. He gets in and closes it.
I'll give you a little hint. It's got cotton shirts in it and some socks.
Here is my opener


That toy lasted about 20 minutes.



Savannah Super Cat
Maggots will not eat live flesh. While I was in Venezuela, the puppies would get fly eggs laid on them which would hatch and start eating them, usually their skin if the mothers did not clean them enough. It was really horrible and I had to put a lot of the puppies down when I did not find the litters in time. :( However, the maggots were only ever on the surface, since they need oxygen to survive and can't get it inside living flesh. So don't worry about your cats eating flies. Their stomach acid will kill anything quickly. Also, the immune system will attack maggots quickly, making it even harder for them to survive.