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Family size

My current family:

Dog - Weimaraner, 13 yrs old, bad arthritis not very mobile, not sure that she going to be round more than a year or two (her comfort and life styile will determine) :oops:

Domestic Cat - 13 yr old male - mr lump mainly sleeps most of the day
Domestic Cat - 5 yr old femail - ms anti social (has not warmed up to Zeus yet), pretty active cat

Sv Cat - 11 wks old F2B maile - Zeus - mr high octane

My Daughter - at home half the days (between college and work), moving out next year

My Son - at school all day long

My situation - I have an opportunity to introduce a F3 Female as companion for Zeus. I don't want my family to grow too big, but with my daughter leaving moving out next year, I don't want Zeus to become bored. I don't know if my older dog and cat will ever be up to keeping up with Zeus' energy. I hope that Zeus and my younger domestic become good friends enough to play, but idk.

I've heard issues with spay females being very territorial, especially with other females in the house. The way she acts with Zeus, i wouldn't be suprised if she is a fine example of a territorial cat.

My questions:
1. Should I be concerned about bringing another soon to be spay female in my house, with my female domestic? I want to make things better (keep a high enery cat from getting bored and thus going to the dark side and destroying things)
2. Zeus has been home about 3 weeks and by the time the new kitten will come home (if she does) he will have been home about 2 and half months. I would assume his bond with my family and I should be strong enough to allow me to quarantine a new kitten and bond her with out impacting relationship with him.
3. By bringing in another sv, am I just doubling the trouble, or am I making things better by providign a companion to Zeus.
4. I would be getting a great deal on sv kitten (not to mention she is cute as hell) and I wouldn't want to pass up, would it be better to get a companion for Zeus sooner rather than later. Or should I wait to see how things work out before adding another pet to the mix?

Thank you all for your thoughts and sharing any past experiences that may help answer my questions.


Staff member
Usually, not always, it's a tad more touchy bringing females into a house where there is an existing female. Usually, but not always, there will be a period of hissy spats, maybe even fights, and they'll either learn to co-exist but not be friends, become friends, or there's a chance behavioral issues will develop with one or both.

Bringing in another kitten for Zeus after 2.5 mos.would be ok. He'd likely be happy for the companionship but what happens if your young domestic befriends him before the new kitten arrives?

You know your household dynamics better than anyone here, but my gut says it would be better to wait awhile before adding another personality into the mix.


Savannah Super Cat
My Siberian is really mellow and the Savannahs just ignore him if he doesn't want to play- point - sometimes another high octane Savannah can take the pressure off the other cat because their energy shifts to each other which leaves the other cat to snooze in peace. The issue comes in with a cat that is not part of the group and may became a domination game for the Savannahs. The sensitive one is not necessary shy either but one that may pick fights. I had to rehome one of my girls once because all my cats started singling her out to harass her. She was the type of cat that was always the "bitchy" one so I was surprised. I think her "bitchiness" was her protection and they eventually figured out her rouse. There is never any right or wrong answer here unless you have a crystal ball to see what they will or will not do!
You know, come to think of it, I've always had multiple cats. But have never had more than one female at a time ... So I have absolutely no experience to draw on here. I certainly have no problem waiting. In fact I had originally wanted a male companion for Zeus.

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
This is a tough call I think... yes your F2 might well need a similar-energy companion if his current choices are elderly cat or antisocial female... I tend to think as he grows he might start finding amusement in pushing the buttons for your Ms Antisocial Kitty. But if she is not liking the male kitten I would worry that another kitten is going to be equally or more offensive to her... and I think you have a point that she may be demonstrating she is a very territorial female so getting a female kitten may not be a good idea.


Savannah Super Cat
Rob, I suggest that you do get another one, and if you get another one, you get another male. I think that you'll have a stronger chance of success.

We're in a roughly similar situation to you: people at home, people not at home, existing cat and I work. Our new F2 female comes around May 18 and a new F3 male about a month later. I'm hoping that having a pair will reduce the stress on our current 11yo female tabby. Yes, I know that I'm getting a male and a female (what's that over there!)

My parents keep a large household of cats. There's probably 15 or so all altered indoor-only, indoor-outdoor, and outdoor-only cats. (I know, sounds like a lot, and it adds up to a lot when you count them, but it doesn't LOOK like a lot when you are there. Lawnmowers on the other hand, sheesh). With the exception of One female that is friendly to everyone (but they're not friendly to her), the males are happy go lucky, live and let live kinda cats, but the females are pissy territorial creatures that swipe at each other when they go by and try to get lap time by intimidation. We spend a lot of time saying "stop that!" when we're there.

Michelle Anderson

Savannah Super Cat
In my personal opinion, and experience.......male cats in general get along with each other, way better than females; I've only had one female with a couple of males rather than the other way around.....just seems to work out better. The females I have had, have always been territorial; and just seem to get along better with a male cats rather than a females......probably because the girl kitties are the queen of the house!!! lol and there can only be one Queen! :big grin:

MK Anderson

That has been my experience too, Michelle! I have one female here and she's the queen and rules the roost. I dont think adding a female here too would be good! The 2 males I have let her have here way and we keep peace LOL
I have found the perfect solution ...

You all already know and love him, he was last seen in "fight club", he broke your hearts in "kissing booth", he's all that and a bag o' chips ... thats right it's

Abu Kissing Booth.jpg

HAN !!!

I'm very lucky to have been able to adopt Han into my family. When he comes home, as promised to my kids, he will be renamed ... please allow me to reintroduce

A b u ! ! !
Trish, on behalf of everyone in my family, (including ms. antisocial who i'm sure will be very happy Abu is not a she. After she gets done pouting that is), thank you for allowing us to adopt your perfect little sv!!!