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Fancy Feast!?


Savannah Super Cat
Frickin' fancy feast!? So after weeks of obsessing over which were the best wet, dry and commercial raw cat foods, it's come down to frickin' fancy feast.

My kitten is on Royal Canin Kitten dry food from her breeder but I wanted to make sure she is on a good wet food. I've tried multiple flavor of Go!, Primal freeze dried raw and even Orijen freeze dried raw treats. She sniffs and ignores for the most part. Sometimes she eats a few bites of the wet food. But overall I've thrown out most of it after its sat there for ages suffering her looks of distain.

So today I was doing groceries and grabbed a can of the classic pate chicken feast. Guess who was all up in it? You have GOT to be kidding me. *facepalm*.

I would love her to be on Go! And Primal raw but I suppose if this is what it takes to help her eat less kibble then that's just how it goes right?


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Mine like iF.F too. I could not get them to eat raw. SIgh.. But they will eat Blue Wilderness Wild Delights Chicken & Turkey in Tasty Gravy. It is grain free and is has high quality proteins.


Savannah Super Cat
I want to keep trying to get her to eat higher quality food. The next on my list is Blue Buffalo Wilderness.
I want to try the ones I can get locally before I have to start internet shopping. *eyeroll*
Sure FF is convenient and easy on the wallet but ugh. I wanted better for my kitty.


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Try Earthborn canned food. They just changed their formula so that it no longer has carrageenan. I got the chicken Cattciatore and it actually looks like shredded chicken. And doesn't smell like cat food. Mine love it!!


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I know the frustration. When I first got my 17 year old cat, the vets said that a wet diet caused dental problems and dry Friskies was readily available. So he ate that until I became educated. He is now one of my main raw eaters, so it's never to late to teach an old "cat" new tricks. But my beautiful, gorgeous F2 will only eat (shh) Friskies wet Turkey and Cheese. I've sincerely tried to convert her, but she loses weight and becomes very stubborn, [HASHTAG]#smh[/HASHTAG].

River Ridge
West Virginia


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Patience is the key to changing diets for cats. Most folks try to rush it and that simply does not work in most cases. Now that she likes Fancy Feast, slowly very slowly start adding in the GO and Primal Raw. Start with 1/8 tsp for a few weeks, then increase to 1/4 tsp for a few weeks and continue incrementally increasing the raw and decreasing the Fancy Feast by the same amount. It can take months to get a cat to accept a new food. That's why I always encourage getting the cat to accept 2-3 different types of foods from the beginning. Just in case one becomes unavailable or the cat decides not to eat it anymore, or there is a recall.


Savannah Super Cat
Thanks everyone. Im all for the slow transition to the healthier stuff. I just need to find a wet food that she will eat consistently firs. This was only her first can. Until she eats a second it could just be a food fluke.