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Fascinating Reading about Animal Planet

Okay- so maybe I was a bit foolish, but once upon a time- I believed AP was an educational channel...

Yeah, well- then I woke up!

Anyways- this is an interesting (if long) read by an individual who agreed to be featured on Animal Planet. It's kinda funny too- the author is quite verbose and you can tell knowledgeable about snakes and snake bites. It shows how easily the AR can slant anything!


This makes me really happy to not have cable tv. And here I thought I was missing good shows. If half of what this guy writes is true, Animal Planet is a scary network.


Savannah Super Cat
Shared. Yup I now told my boys (the cats lol) no more animal planet they loved watching it. I spend all the shows wondering what's actally true and it makes me too angry to watch.


Staff member
They really kind of trashed the Chausie as not a good pet, for the most part. Took everything out of context - it was terrible.