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Fazio Jewelry


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I LOVE Fazio's jewelry made by Kay! I have a sterling Savannah charm, and recently received this sterling Savannah tube bead for Christmas from a dear friend :) Since I am camera shy, my new necklace is proudly modeled for me by one of my kittens:

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Perfect drawer jewelry on an elegant model!


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... she has some spectacular jewelry!

She does :love: I actually bought a key chain from her a while back to add to my 1st kitten Kai's memorial key chain. Next will be gold earrings or a pendant (present for myself lol)... decisions, decisions :LOL:
Keychain.jpg Keychain2.jpg


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Kay also shared a Christmas special with me that I wanted to share with anyone else who's interested in her stunning jewelry... the purrrfect Christmas present for yourself or someone special Love 2

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