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Feed raw and live in the SF Bay Area?



A friend just told me about this, maybe everyone else already knows about it, but just thought I'd share. Hopefully it's not meant to be a secret. (Edit: I just noticed they have a new site at that is prettier and doesn't look quite so empty)

and here is a link to their latest newsletter:

I haven't started yet so if you do know about it and have any comments or feedback, I would love to hear them.



Staff member
I don't have personal experience with them but have heard of them through other raw food groups. Wish we had something like this in my area. Would also love to hear from those who are members.


Savannah Super Cat
I joined a couple raw feeding yahoo groups when i started making raw. i didnt get any help thru them though just a bunch of spam emails. costco + the asian super market is an easy source for me and is super cheap. my average cost is 1$ a lb of raw food.


I hear ya, that's why I asked for opinions of people who have had experience with this group, and I don't think my friend, who has a dog and participates in this group to buy raw food, would have suggested it if it was just a bunch of spam.

This isn't just an email group, they actually sell organic human-grade meats (and even some human stuff). Of course organic is going to be expensive, but there are reasons for going organic. I was thinking that there are a few people that order from Hare Today from the west coast and have to pay outrageous shipping costs, these people also sell ground rabbit (and a few other choices) and you can pick it up in SF. I thought my friend said there were other options for picking up too, but I couldn't figure that out from the website.