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Feeding my kitten


Savannah Super Cat
Kovu is a string bean. His breeder bottle fed him and said he preferred that to his kibble and canned, which is fancy feast kitten turkey. The stuff smells! He did eat a little bit of it, but I gave him some of Nyah's puka puka luau and he scarfed that up like he has never seen food before! I don't want to upset his tummy, but he needs some weight. If he didn't eat much of the other canned to begin with, can I just give him the stuff he likes? I want to have him eat mainly raw, but don't want to throw too many changes at him. He is a very energetic, happy little guy, obviously well cared for, but he does need some more food in his tummy!

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
I've found that you can suddenly change a kitty to raw without stomach upset but suddenly changing the kibble or canned will more likely give you upset runny poops...


Savannah Super Cat
I have found this as well, Brigitte. Mixing or substituting a new kind of raw meat never causes any issues for my boys.


Savannah Super Cat
He is eating a blend of tiki cat chicken and raw rabbit. So far, no tummy issues. Actually, he is peeing just fine, but no bowel movements yet. Reading here, that seems normal. If nothing by tomorrow, I will move up his vet appointment.