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Feeding Schedule & Work?


Hey everyone,

It's been a while since I've been active on this forum. Vienna (my F2) is now about 6 months old and doing great! I'm a new college grad and have been thinking about moving out of my parents' house. I feed Vienna a raw chicken diet, about 3x a day. My question is, what do I do about food when I'm away at work? Right now, my family feeds her when I'm gone. Raw food can't be left out like dry food, so I'm just wondering what everyone else does (those of you who don't have someone home during the day).



Savannah Super Cat
i have mine on all raw. as a kitten we started off 4x a day then 3x a day and now 2x a day.

one in the morning and one at night. i get up at like 7 ish so they get some around then and then again in the PM roughly 12 hours later. so they eat about every 12 hours. i will leave the raw food out. mostly because i put the food out and have to leave to work right away.

honestly i dont think there's anything wrong with leaving it out for a little bit. i have put food out for them in the morning and left to work. id come back mid day to get something from home since i live 5 miles from the office and id see them eating the food and it would be like 5 hours since i put the food out. they have never gotten sick or anything from eating raw that's been sitting like all day.

oh and btw if you finished school and have a job then living at home is great cause you get to bank all that money. i lived at home for 3 years after i started working and wasn't going to school any more and i save up for a house and at the same time got rid of most of my debt.


Savannah Super Cat
Feeding Vienna 2 times a day should be fine! She'll get the picture after a few days and realize, "I better eat as much as I can now, 'cause it'll be a few hours till I get moar."

I feed my lot in the morning and evening and they're all doing great.

And don't worry about leaving the food out (unless Vienna drags the food out of the bowl and all over the house) outside kitties eat birds and mice and whatever else they can catch and find, and it's not always going to be fresh.

I would leave out my kitties food out, but the three of them seem to be telling me they want raised bowls or something because they're always dragging it all over the kitchen floor...


Savannah Super Cat
We food Kovu (11 months) raw twice a day. I get up, take a shower & get downstairs around 0630. He eats it right away, so I usually have his dish put away before I'm out the door. Then I feed him again around 1730-ish..whenever we eat dinner. I've found that with him if I put his food down before we eat he won't touch it until we sit down.. so I always wait until we eat dinner. lol


I put my raw out frozen when I'm gone. They can eat a bit at a time all day. Then, they get the thawed, some cooked, before bed. I have dry Origen out all the time, but I change it out a lot because they barely eat it. I've tried freezing it stirred into their raw, but they usually eat "around" the dry. I know they'd eat dry in a real emergency. Sometimes after I grind the raw, I mix a cans of something with quality like Wellness kitten into the mix, just for variety. For the kittens, I cautiously start every kind of food because I want choice to be simple for the new family. Sorry about getting off topic a bit. Free flow typing this morning!