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If this has been beaten to death before, please refer me to a thread that will help me.

How many times a day is it best to feed an adult cat? I have been feeding my F1, Louie, 2x a day with feedings as close to 12 hours apart as possible since he was a 11 week old kitten. He is approaching 2 YO, and so I look for advice on changing feeding schedule if necessary.



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I do 3-4 times a day, but that is just because Zeddie has had GI issues, so I did smaller meals more frequently to aid in digestion. Before that I did 2x/day


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An adult cat should not need to eat more than once a day, but I'll bet he appreciates being fed twice a day ;)


Think I'll continue feeding 2x/day. He's been on "Special 33" Royal Canin since he was 4 months old. Kristin mentioned digestion issues and I agree. If I feed him too much all at once his stool softens considerably toward the end of his BM.

Besides.....he SCREAMS at me when he knows it's feeding time, and goes bananas when I grab his bowl.:)


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At one point I used to feed my SV's 3x per day…but i've discovered that is too much. So I'm back to 2x per day which seems more than adequate (AM and PM). My vet has taught me to not over-react if I find they are not eating as much one day, sort of a "feast or famine" as they would endure in nature. So if one of my cats has a slightly down day for appetite one day, I don't worry about it as it always comes back. dj