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Feeling Lucky!

Trish Allearz

Hi Everyone,

Well, I am going to introduce my new girl- she isn't here yet, but I am just feeling bubbly and lucky about it today and wanted to share...

This will be Kirembo Hatma of Allearz aka Hattie :) These are Brigitte's pics since this is her baby girl, but she's going to be MY trouble maker in a bit! The pic of her fat tummy was the one I fell in love with- how can you deny melanistic love after seeing that pic???


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Trish Allearz

Psssht- all B did was post pics of adorable Hattie and I found myself having to inquire! And ya know when you see adorable SVs day in and day out (on the lists, on the forum, in person)- it does get a bit easier NOT to inquire on every cute baby! But no, I want a mel girl, I want a healthy well socialized mel girl, I want a kitten that fits the SV standard, and Hattie is drop dead gorgeous. B is about as conscientious a breeder as you could ever ask for- I cannot imagine her being more so- so inquiring wasn't too hard ;)