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FELV question


Savannah Super Cat
MY breeders contract is voided if the FELV is given, my Vet says it should be and questions the medical basis for withholding the FELV.

Are there any scientific studies regarding the FELV and Savannah's that I can support not giving the FELV with to my Vet? Several breeders also state no FELV on their sites, however there is no medical reasoning given on why. Any help in locating info I can provide my Vet is appreciated. I do not want to place the kitten at risk by giving a dangerous vaccine or placing him at risk by not vaccinating.


Staff member
I don't think there is any real medical reason to not give...for a strictly indoor cat, many vets simply do not give it. I consider it the same thing as no ketamine...there is NO medical reasoning behind that either, only anecdotal evidence, with no proof...

Bottom line is if you allow it to be given, you void your that will have to be between you and her.