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Female vs. Male with another female bengal?

I currently have a one year old female Bengal and have put down a deposit on a litter of f2's... I was hoping for a male but only females were born. Is it better to have one male and one female or do you think two females will be fine?

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
I think you made the best decision. Although the two females might have done fine with each other, in general a male and female will do best. Of course, it does depend on the individual personalities too!

Per Lausund

Staff member
Your fixed girls spray all over, Per?

If we are talking about spayed/neutered pets, I don't see an issue. If we are talking about unaltered cats- well...
What fixed girls? :)
Oh, I totally agree with your summation, with spays it shouldn´t be an issue, even though Bengal girls can be pretty obnoxious even when spayed. But not markers.