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Fertility Testing Before Neutering


Savannah Super Cat
During this past week, Shelby has been acting differently. He's still got the same loving personality as always. But he's incessantly meowing LOUDLY as if he wants attention. He's been waking up early in the morning, climbing onto my dresser, standing up against the wall, scratching at it and meowing nice and loud to wake me up (normally he sleeps through the night at my side). I think he's telling me, it's time to get him fixed! Luckily he hasn't started spraying yet, but I'm afraid that's coming soon if I don't get him fixed in the very near future. But before I do, I was thinking about getting him tested to make sure he's sterile. I know him being an F3, there's 99.8% chance that he is sterile. But I know there have been a few F3's that were fertile. Obviously, it's ultra rare, but I'm still curious just to know for sure. Has anyone had this testing done before and approximately what would it cost to find out? My guess is that maybe a few of you with F4's have had them tested since though somewhat rare, F4's are fertile often enough that some breeders may find it worth their time and money to have them tested. Thanks for placating my curiosities :lol:

John Popp

Site Supporter
My guess is a test wouldn't be very expensive, certainly under $200. The question I would have is this going to change anything if he was fertile?

Lori Greer

Cahaba Cats
Fertility testing of the boys is rather expensive. Consider that you need to collect a sample... I'm not up to date on all the methods but believe the most common is electro-ejaculation which in itself has some problems in that the shock can deform some of the sperm. The procedure is done under anesthesia and you also need to find a vet that knows how to perform the collection. There is another option where sterile fluid wash of the urethra shaft in hopes that there is some sperm washed out with the fluid. Any in the wash can then be evaluated, but that doesn't give a very good sample or sperm count, etc. and is also done under anesthesia.

I am unaware of any legitimate, documented fertile F3 males. I would strongly suggest you get that boy fixed before he starts exhibiting more undesirable intact male behavior.


Staff member
There has never been a documented fertile F3 Savannah male, although there have been a few Bengals and Chausies, perhaps that's what you have heard. Fertility testing prior to neutering is invasive as Lori pointed out, requiring anesthesia, although I do believe that now some fertility experts are performing a needle aspiration instead of electro-ejaculation to obtain the sperm, which doesn't degrade the sample as the latter option can.

An alternative suggestion, if you are interested, is to send off a cheek swab, as well as the testicles once neutered to Dr. Bill Murphy at Texas A&M who has been doing fertility research in the hybrid cats for years now. If you email him, he will send you all the information you need (if I recall correctly, although it's been a few years since I've done this, he will also send the packaging to ship the testicles). His email is:


Staff member
Now have been a member here for how long? And Shelby is almost a year old and not neutered??? :roflmao:

SV Dad

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I certainly wouldn't expect the women of this forum to understand what a difficult decision this is for us men. ;)
This being said, most of us men don't go around the house and neighborhood marking our territory in the feline fashion!:rolleyes:
I'm fairly confident my wife would get me clipped if I started this behavior!