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Not sure if this has been discussed before. Tried a search and it didn't come up with anything.

But I was wondering if anyone has had issues with fireworks and cats? I've mainly been a dog person up until recently and I know some dogs who have issues with them. But wasn't sure if we should do anything to help our cats not have issues with them.

We live in a city were fireworks are banned. But still people shoot them off on our block and surrounding areas for the Fourth of July which is coming soon. We will most likely be going to a family members house to shoot them off ourselves since it's legal in their town.

So was wondering if we should do anything leading up to the 4th (as people shoot them off early) and specially that night when we are gone as the cats will be alone?

Of course maybe cats don't react the same way dogs do and all will be fine. But figured I would ask beforehand. :)

Trish Allearz

Typically, if they are disturbed, they will hide, BUT make sure they are in a SECURE area of your home IMHO. Of course, we all think our homes are secure, but say- if there is any cubbyhole that you thought they wouldn't get into before- they might now (like the attic- we've had the F1s get up there before). So block off any escape hatches and just double-triple check on everyone when you are home.

MK Anderson

It's not too loud at my house, so they are not bothered by it.


Savannah Super Cat
We have shot some off in our back yard along with some of our neighbors and our cat (SV only) will come out to the sun room and watch them. LOL He seems to really enjoy watching them. The domestic hides.
Of course they aren't the REALLY LOUD ones like they do professionally! But they are loud.


Savannah Super Cat
Some people in the neighborhood were popping them off Wednesday around 3am. Sarabi was FREAKING out. Kovu didn't seem too disturbed.


Well it's the 4th and we decided to stay home this year. With it being in the middle of the week and most people having to work figure we'd celebrate this weekend instead.

So far only Bailey our female Bengal has reacted at all. She's is the one who reacts to things a bit more then her brother. But she really hasn't been hiding. Just mostly freezes for a bit then goes back to what she was doing. So that is good. We've had either the tv or the radio on all day so I think that is helping buffer some of the pops.

Thanks everyone and hope everyone is having a safe and Happy 4th!

Pam Flachs

Savannah Super Cat
Fireworks, firecrackers and other loud boomers have been going off in my neighborhood for the past week. Not one cat here is bothered by them; in fact, several are out on the front porch where it is cooler, sleeping thru the festivities!


Savannah Super Cat
Haha Whip watched from inside the back door as we set things off on the porch. Miracle cried when hubby came in checking him to make sure hubby was okay. It kinda made me laugh.