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Fish diet?


Savannah Super Cat
I am a huge advocate of switching my pet's protein source often. Generally chicken - pheasant - turkey and salmon. Have you offered your Savannah a fish based diet? Some breeds consistently don't like it. The smell, taste - whatever. While others thrive on it. Would love to hear your experience. Thanks!
P.S- I'm talking high quality, trustworthy diets. Orijen, Acana, Honest Kitchen, Go!, Now!, Fromm, etc.


Staff member
A fish-based diet is unhealthy for a cat. An overabundance of fish causes thiamine deficiency, add to that the issue of fish being high on the list of allergic reactions in cats, and the presence toxins (such as mercury). A bit of fish now and then won't hurt. A fish-based diet would.


Savannah Super Cat
As I said, it's something in my rotation. I don't feed a cat a fish based diet again and again. But strongly believe in switching proteins often so we generally buy a different protein each time we buy a new bag of food. I am wondering if anyone has offered a high quality fish diet to their Savannah and if he/she liked it. :)


Animal Communicator
I will throw sardines in here and there, but not very often. Zeddie isn't a huge fan of fish (although she likes the sardines)

I feed raw and switch the proteins out that way. Jimmy is stuck on eating only chicken (something I need to work on) and Zeddie will only eat weird things that she would never naturally get. Ah well


Site Supporter
Rafiki loves the "spring water" in a can of tuna but snubs the fish itself at least half the time. And like you, I planned on giving it to them once a month or so. Unfortunately, Rafiki only wants to eat chicken or turkey (raw or cooked) but it must be ground or pureed or freeze-dried. She will no longer even eat the Chewy Chick Chick Chicken.