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Fitz vs. Straw!

Chris Elliott

Savannah Super Cat
Oni, my 4yo F6 female, talks much of the time and has an amazing range. I'm still learning her language. Her normal call sounds angry, but is actually her being chatty. Then she has her "in heaven" chirps, which I absolutely need to capture. She does have her "leave me alone, put me down" call which is higher and shorter than when she is chatting.

Ziggy, my 3yo F2 male, only meows when he's worried or just before I feed him. Sometimes it has a cute tremulous quality, but there's not much range. He does have quite a range of grumbles, growls, and hisses... I love his old-man grumbles, which usually mean "I don't like what you're doing, but I'll put up with it under protest, at least for the moment".

Jax, my 1yo Siamese mix male mutt, meows constantly while food is being prepared. All exactly alike and about one a second. Most of his communication centers around food.

All three readily purr--you just have to touch Jax for him to start.

I'm working on understanding them. Got the first level down, but there's lots more to understand.