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Florida's FWC Responds


Savannah Super Cat
In a video Carol Baskin created(and posts on most reviews people leaves on her FB page), she claims reports of these cats stalking little old ladies and that those reports came from Florida's Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. I felt like we should see what they say about this. Below is their response to me asking them.

I would also like to say that the FWC was amazing with responding. A lady called me and gave me an email to send more information to and said they'd get back to me on it. I waited for a few days and messaged again about it. They assured me they were looking into it still- and they truly were! If you feel like you have questions and won't be heard- you will!

My favorite part of the .pdf they sent me is this-
My favorite part is where he says-
"The breeds of cats mentioned in the video: Bengal cats, Savannah cats, Chausies or Chausie cats (also referred to as stone Cougars), and Safari cats are all domestic cat breeds that were initially developed from the breeding of a wild cat species to a domestic cat."

They even state that they are Domestic Cat Breeds! I feel like that statement alone from them is helpful.


Staff member
Stormi, thanks for posting the FWC response to your inquiry. Fact-finding their many allegations about savannas is the best way to discredit them.


Staff member
Excellent job, Stormi!!! Good job being persistent...that letter is awesome!!!!