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Food Bowl?


Savannah Super Cat
So our current food and water bowl set isn't working out, the rubber ring on the bottom is leaving black smudges everywhere. So I'm on the hunt for a new set. Are the elevated food and water bowls necessary?


Staff member

John Popp

Site Supporter
My cats have always preferred eating from plates. Small paper plates when they are young and I am trying to figure out quantity, and ceramic afterwards.


Savannah Super Cat
Stainless steel bowls for my tall F3 and the food and water is in a holder but not elevated....he's been doing great without the elevated bowls!


Staff member
That's weird that the black rubber is making marks - I have several of these and none of them mark the floor. I don't think it matters what kind of food bowl you use, I haven't found cats to be picky... but ... if the cat(s) like to knock their bowl over get ceramic or crystal, or bowls made of some other heavy material. If old and arthritc the raised bowls are kind to their joints. If they scarf their food to fast (e.g., throw up from eating too much) there are specialized bowls to help slow down their eating.


Savannah Super Cat
I use stainless steel bowls that are wide and shallow. I may try elevating them as Kovu is a tall boy. Nyah, I am almost embarrassed to say, will sit on a bar stool and eat off the counter most times. :eek: This is my husband's fault! He says that is how she wants to eat. He puts a placemat down under her bowl at least.


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My vet went thru my dishware on her first visit and had me throw out everything that was made in China. Amazing how almost all the cute kitty stuff comes from there! We use shallow pyrex tempered glass bowls. They use 4/day and I love that I can throw them into the dishwasher. We have a nice big stack of these that I bought at Tuesday Morning.

Pam Flachs

Savannah Super Cat
Love all the different dishes that everyone uses! I use anything and everything, from gorgeous crystal antique bowls to pyrex (one of my faves) and stainless to heavy dog crock type bowls. I may be weird, but I like my cats to eat out of attractive or pretty dishes :) None are made in China, BTW. I find lots of fun and functional dishes at thrift and antique stores for a few dollars each.

I wish I could use paper plates since I seem to always be washing cat dishes. My cats tend to chew up the plates and make a mess of I worry they might try to eat the paper!