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Food crave


Savannah Super Cat

Does the crave food is a good food for our cat? I looking and searching a new food for my 2 savannah F4, one of them only live croquet and does not like raw and i’m désappointed the food I actually give to them (oral dental from vet & royal canin) used chicken by product as 1st ingredient and they loss a lot of his hair and i’m Allergic.

Do you have any suggest? I’m in Canada, product is different than in US.



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I wouldn’t use Crave. Pea protein is way too far up the list of ingredients. You want the main protein to be animal sources and not plants.

If you have to give dry food I would recommend Acana
Or Orijen (they’re from the same company)

If he won’t eat raw then I would try some canned food like Earthborn Holistics Chicken Cacciatore. https://www.earthbornholisticpetfoo...t-grain-free-holistic-can/chicken-catcciatori


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I can't find an actual list of ingredients on the website you sent so hard to say, but the Crave products in the US are pretty good so I would be comfortable using this food.


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If Crave the best you can find where you are, then it’s for sure better than Royal Canin. Personally, I agree with Dumalove - Orijen or Acana is a good kibble.


Savannah Super Cat
I think I can have accès to acana, I will check it tonight.

What do you use to have nice teeth ? I was using dental for it...
If he started showing these symptoms within a few days of feeding the Acana then I would stop and see what happens. I don’t think food would cause a fever, though. Intolerance/allergy to foods usually shows as a skin or ear condition. Is he eating? Any vomiting? Firm stool?