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For breeders: heat cycles and breeding question

Angie Panczak

Savannah Super Cat
Izzy came into heat a week ago. I brought Razi into her room and he bred her multiple times that day. I took him out and brought him back the next day. He didn't seem interested. Ok,so I bring him back day 3, and not interested again. I leave him all day and I work by the area she is bred, it's behind glass doors so I can see and hear what's going on. Ok, now a week later I bring her out of the room as she usually has run of the house except with kittens/breeding. She still is acting in heat with the rolling and spraying and calling. Bring Razi back just to
Observe and he sniffs her but not interested. So anyone have any ideas? She might have caught but my other girl go right out of heat after breeding. I presume Razi is also telling me something by not being interested. She has one litter a year ago, and I has her with Pan, brought her out a week later and she still
Seemed to be in heat. Only difference is she went outside to his pen. I wasn't able to
Constantly watch.